The Katherine Bell Hale Gallery

Named for local artist and devoted History Center board member Katie Hale, the gallery is a wonderful addition to our museum offerings. A variety of exhibits curated by the History Center, or on loan from other institutions, fill the space at different intervals throughout the year. Each new exhibit is celebrated with an opening reception.

View the exhibit currently in the gallery below.

4°C of Difference: From Glaciers to Global Warming

Opening January 25th!

4 Degrees of Difference: From Glaciers to Global Warming runs from January 25 to May 11, 2024.

This new exhibition will feature interactive displays on various topics, from jet stream changes and local weather patterns to plants at risk from new threats of fungi, wilt, and insect infestations. You’ll get a historical view of our climate past and present - and what’s coming next. But it’s not just doom and gloom. There will be plenty of information on what we can do to help mitigate these issues.

The work on 4 Degrees of Difference was developed in partnership with The University of Chicago and Lake Forest College. Students contributed to the research, writing, design, and installation of these panels. This exhibition is generously sponsored by the Buchanan Family Foundation, The University of Chicago, and The James Rocco Scholarship. 4 Degrees of Difference will run through May 11, 2024.

Admission is free, everyone is welcome!


Upcoming Exhibitions

Opening January 25, 2024 4 Degrees of Difference: From Glaciers to Global Warming

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