The Katherine Bell Hale Gallery

Named for local artist and devoted History Center board member Katie Hale, the gallery is a wonderful addition to our museum offerings. A variety of exhibits curated by the History Center, or on loan from other institutions, fill the space at different intervals throughout the year. Each new exhibit is celebrated with an opening reception.

View the exhibit currently in the gallery below.

Modern in the Midcentury: The Transformation of Suburban Life in Lake Forest & Lake Bluff

Modern in the Midcentury runs from from May 11 to November 1, 2024.

This exhibition explores the significant transformation of the midcentury suburban experience, through a look into the functioning of each room in the new modern home. We touch on how changes affected families and set the course for our lifestyle today.

This exhibition is funded through the Institute of Museum and Library Services

We wish to thank our academic advisors, who provided valuable time and content for this exhibition: Professors Janet Borgerson, DePaul University; Anne Keating, North Central College; Jonathan Schroeder, University of Rochester; and Kristina Wilson, Clark University.

Content experts include Susan Benjamin, Arthur Miller, and Kathy O'Hara.

We wish to thank our incredible creative team of interns and fellows, who provided valuable research and writing: Magdalena Gavina (LFC), Kathia Perez-Enriquez (LFC), and Emilia Salcedo (Loyola University).

Artifacts on loan were provided by Elizabeth Stein, Janet Borgerson, Jonathan Schroeder, Susan and Wayne Benjamin, Carol Summerfield, and Michael and Nini Lustig.


Admission is free, everyone is welcome!


Upcoming Exhibitions

Opening November 8, 2024 Returning From War: 100 Years of the Veteran Experience

Opening March 21, 2025 F. Scott Fitzgerald in Lake Forest