Planned Giving

Make your mark at the History Center. Become a part of the Chanticleer Circle.

A legacy gift is a biographical statement about something you value. Giving at a time when all personal needs have been satisfied is a way to leave a lasting connection with an institution you are passionate about, to enable endless opportunities for engaging with history, and to inspire patrons for generations to come.

Planned Giving

One of the most meaningful benefits you will find in becoming part of the History Center’s Chanticleer Circle is the fellowship you will share with like-minded benefactors, who know their gifts will ensure the enduring value of the History Center.

Contact us to learn more about the benefits and ways to structure a legacy gift, as well as information about the Chanticleer Circle. If you are ready to make a planned gift commitment and join the Chanticleer Circle, please contact Colin Guido, Registrar at or 847.234.5253.


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