The World is Your Studio: Travel Stories by Irene and Franklin McMahon

World Studio



7:00 pm


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Free - Suggested donation of $10

Irene and Franklin McMahon were world travelers who became internationally known respectively for folksy travel articles and reportorial art. As a travel reporter and from-life artist, Irene and Franklin were a unique team bringing the look and feel of a place to life through their work. Franklin did his drawings and paintings on site while Irene often wrote late at night when everyone else was in bed. Their work took them all over the world and they covered many important stories and historic events that have changed the world in our lifetime. Deborah McMahon Osterholtz, the fourth of their nine children, presents a collection of stories from her parent’s travels.

Deborah's book is available for purchase on Amazon in paperback, hardback, and as an e-book. You can also obtain a copy through the Lake Forest Bookstore.