Telephone and City Directories of Lake Forest and Lake Bluff

We have the originals in our archives, but offer these transcriptions as a searchable online resource useful for genealogy and house history research. Note: this is not our full collection. Email our Curator at if you are interested in another year or in source information.

Search tips:

  • Press CTRL + F or click "Find" in your browser window or Edit > Find in your PDF viewer to search the page.
  • Be broad rather than specific in searches, since formatting varies widely in how street names are published. For example, if searching for the address 900 Lake Road, perhaps just type "900 Lake" since the directory could list "Road" or "Rd" or leave it off altogether. Alternately, just search for "900" and scroll through, since the address could also be listed as "900 N. Lake" or "900 North Lake."
  • In the first few decades of the 20th century, often no address numbers were listed at all for many streets.
  • Some street names changed, many c. 1910s in Lake Forest. For example, Illinois was called "Brushwood" for a time. Sheridan Road used to be "University."
  • In 1928, all Lake Forest houses were renumbered after a large land annexation, so pre-1928 address numbers will be different.