Eugene Hotchkiss, 2020 Local Legend

Local Legends

Each year, the History Center presents a new Local Legend, honoring someone who has contributed significantly to our community and the world.

This year we are proud to honor Dr. Eugene Hotchkiss III as our 2020 award recipient, marking our eleventh Local Legend.

Gene joins the ranks of Jim Lovell, Adrian Smith, John Bryan, Richard Marx, Bill Kurtis and Donna LaPietra, Mark and Franklin McMahon, Ellen Stirling, Ryne Sandberg, Marian Phelps Pawlick, and Jack Schuler.

Local Legends Benefit

We are thrilled to announce that our 2020 Local Legend is Dr. Eugene Hotchkiss III!

A highly respected leader and biographer, Gene Hotchkiss has inspired, molded and illuminated the lives of so many; now we will have the chance to hear him tell his own story.

Thank you for joining us.

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2019: Jack Schuler

2018: Marian Phelps Pawlick

2017: Ryne Sandberg

2016: Ellen Stirling

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2014: Bill Kurtis and Donna La Pietra

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2010: Captain Jim Lovell