Centennial Awards

Has your family or local business been in the community for 100 years or more?

We'd like to know and celebrate your story at our annual meeting and in our permanent exhibit.

Centennial Awards

Centennial Awards honor families and businesses who have resided or operated in our community for 100 years or more. At the History Center Annual Meeting each spring, we present a program with historic photos and anecdotes shared by the family and business.

This program is a wonderful tribute to the families and businesses involved and provides an opportunity to remember, share, and explore stories from your past.

Who is eligible?

If your family or business has been in Lake Forest or Lake Bluff since 1922 or earlier, you are! Multiple surnames, name changes and changes in ownership are fine and certainly still qualify.

How do I participate?

Eligible families and businesses may nominate themselves for the Centennial Awards. To start, download and fill out the forms below with some basic information. Then, you will meet with our Curator to discuss the stories and photographs to share in the program.

Centennial Family Award nomination form:
PDF  |  Word document

Centennial Business Award nomination form:
PDF  |  Word document


For questions or more information about the Centennial Awards, contact Curator Laurie Stein (lstein@lflbhistory.org).


Centennial Award Honorees


Griffith, Grant and Lackie, 1903

Lake Forest Flowers, pre-1917


Atteridge Family, 1837

Swanton Family, 1837

Devon-Redmond Family, 1838

Steele Family, 1838

Yore Family, 1840

Baker-Fagan-Rafferty-Athenson Family, 1841

Kerrigan Family, 1847

Farwell-Tuttle-Chandler Family, 1857

Farwell-Winston Family, 1857

Pratt-Strenger Family, 1857

Anderson Family, 1858

O’Neill Family, 1868

Durand Family, 1875

Fitzgerald Family, 1878

Spellman-Johnson Family, 1880

McClure-Stuart Family, 1881

Kelley Family, 1882

Lanners-Rose Family, 1890

Lawson-Jordan Family, 1890

Baldwin Family, 1891

Granger Farwell Family, 1892

Niemeyer Family, 1893

Robertson Family, 1893

Foster-Stirling Family, 1895

Dick Family, 1899

Sneddon-Larsen Family, 1900

Yakes Family, 1905

Childs-McBride-Greene Family, 1906

Tiffany Family, 1906

Peterson-Berghorn Family, 1907

Preston Family, 1909

Cascarano Family, 1910

Beye-Rickhoff-Witberg-Stein Family, 1910

A. Watson Armour Family, 1915

Phelps Family, 1917